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Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00-3:20 pm
Location: Center Hall 105


Professor Dan Sievenpiper
Jacobs Hall Room 3209
Office Hours: Wednesday, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Applied Electromagnetics Group

Teaching/Lab Assistants

William Lu (w6lu): Monday and Wednesday lab sections
Chatura Herath (cherathm): Tuesday and Thursday lab sections
Yunshun Zhou (yuz031): Friday lab section
Omeid Eshraghi (oeshragh): grading
Wing Cheuk (wmcheuk): grading
Joanne Shin (jlshin): grading
(all emails above are @ucsd.edu)


None required
Supplementary Info: "Microelectronic Circuits," by Sedra & Smith


PSpice lab: Warren Lecture Hall 2212
Circuit lab: Warren Lecture Hall 2213A
You have 24/7 access to the labs.
TAs will be available in the labs during the official lab sections

Course Summary

ECE100 is a third year course in analog electronic systems. It is designed to build upon material learned in ECE35, ECE45 and ECE65. It introduces ECE students to practical circuits and solving real-world problems. In this course students will learn to model and design practical circuits using idealized circuit models, to account for the interactions among various parts of a circuit, the concept of feedback, and a host of other issues encountered in designing a practical circuit. We will also examine how feedback concepts can be applied to a variety of system applications. This is a very “hands-on” course – you will be building and simulating a lot of different and interesting things. It is also a very tough class. Expect to move fast. Please plan to spend at least ten hours per week outside of class (if you want a good grade).


ECE35 and 45 are required. ECE65 is highly recommended but not required.