Mathematics for MS Comprehensive Exam



Linear algebra, matrices (Book: 7.1-7.8)

Linear transformations (7.9-8.5)

Orthogonal expansions (11.1,11.6-11.7)

Systems of ODEs (4.1-4.2,6.7)

Vector Calculus (12.1-12.3)

Probability (24.5-24.9)

Class location and time (Winter 2020):

Tu Th 6:30-7:50p Mande B-210

Class starts on Tuesday Jan 7.

Prof. Massimo Franceschetti

OH: Tu Thu after class or by appointment

Jiachen Li

OH: Tuesday and Thursday 2-3pm Location: Jacobs 5101D

Midterm: Tues February 11, regular time, in class

Final: Tues March 17 2020 7-9:59pm, in class

Class organization and grading: We will have one midterm and one final and bi-weekly HW assignments. HWs are not graded and solutions of each HW are released one week after its assignment.  You will have to send to the TA your work by the deadline, which will usually be one week after the solution is released. Thus, you will have one week to work on the HW without the solution. Then, you will have one week to correct your HW after the solution is released. The grading is: 10% marks If you hand in all HWs before their solution is posted, 40% midterm, 50% Final.

Book and notes: Kreyszig “Advanced Engineering Mathematics” Tenth edition.

Additional notes by prof. Papen are available on this website, as well as slides from lectures.

Course Coverage.pdf