“This is an excellent textbook that ties together information theory and wave theory in a very insightful and understandable way. It is of great value and highly recommended for students, researchers and practitioners. Professor Franceschetti brings a highly valuable textbook based on many years of teaching and research.”

Charles Elachi, California Institute of Technology and Director Emeritus of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA

“This book is about the physics of information and communication. It could be considered to be an exposition of Shannon information theory, where information is transmitted via electromagnetic waves. Surely Shannon would approve of it.”

Sanjoy K. Mitter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Communication and information are inherently physical. Most of the literature, however, abstracts out the physics, treating them as mathematical or engineering disciplines. Although abstractions are necessary in the design of systems, much is lost in understanding the fundamental limits and how these disciplines fit together with the underlying physics. Franceschetti breaks the disciplinary boundaries, presenting communication and information as physical phenomena in a coherent, mathematically sophisticated, and lucid manner.”

Abbas El Gamal, Stanford University, California