ECE 157B: Communications Systems Laboratory II

UCSD, Dinesh Bharadia, Spring Quarter 2020


  • (March 25, 2020) Welcome to ECE 157B, Spring Quarter 2020!

  • (March 25, 2020) This year's offering wouldn't involve in-person lab due to COVID-19. The wait-list would be cleared.

  • (March 28, 2020) Please sign up for the Piazza

  • (March 29, 2020) The lectures would take place on zoom. Please sign up for piazza and it would have the announcements.

  • (March 31, 2020) First lecture video has been posted below.

Lecture 1 video


Are you interested in learning how to use wireless signals to sense breathing and heart-rate passively? Are you interested in learning how you can use wireless signals to communicate and interact with objects, machines, and humans? Do you want to build sensing and communication for autonomous systems (robots, self-driving cars, drones) which can provide a variety of applications (mapping, agricultural surveillance)? Are you interested in building the next wireless tech giant (like Qualcomm)?

The goal of this course is to cover the fundamentals of wireless communication and expose to sensing with wireless signals. The course would provide hands-on experience in developing the above systems.

Prerequisites: This class presumes an elementary knowledge of signal processing and linear algebra.

walabot used for monitoring breathing rate 

The labs are designed to teach you how to predict breathing rate and heart rate using wireless signal.

walabot used for monitoring breathing rate 

We collect wireless data using a Walabot.