5G new radio

Key technology for 5G new radio

Charlie Jianzhong Zhang, Jianglei Ma, Geoffrey Ye Li, Yoshihisa Kishiyama, Stefan Parkvall, Guangyi Liu, and Young-Han Kim,

The articles in this special section focus on 5G mobile communication. With initial commercialization expected in 2020, fifth generation (5G) mobile communications is gathering increased interest and momentum around the world. Following discussions on the 5G vision and key requirements such as high data rate, low latency, and massive connectivity, various candidate technologies have been proposed and investigated. These new technologies include massive antenna technologies to provide beamforming gain and support increased capacity, new waveforms to flexibly accommodate various services and applications with different requirements, and new multiple access schemes to support massive connections. From a spectrum point of view, there is also increased interest in the use of spectrum above 6 GHz for 5G mobile communications