Professor Dan Sievenpiper's Applied Electromagnetics Group
Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California San Diego



Joinging our Lab

Graduate Student Researchers

I am looking for exceptional students to join my group. You must have a passion for research, a willingness to work hard, and strong demonstrated capabilities in a field related to current research topics. I am looking for people who have a combination of the following important traits:

  1. High creativity
  2. High intelligence
  3. High motivation

Students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Science, or related fields are welcome to apply. Valuable skills include:

Your work will include a combination of theory, design, simuations, measurements, and communicating results to others. Success in my group will depend on possessing or developing strengths in multiple areas.

To be considered to join my group, you should apply to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and select the Electronic Circuits and Systems research area on your application. The number of openings depends on funding available each year. Please also review the following links:

Admissions process for my group

Expectations for graduate students

Each year, I receive over one hundred inquiries from potential graduate studnets. I will not likely respond to you. Nonetheless, you should consider applying to the department if you meet my initial filter criteria, and mention in your letter that you are interested in my research group.

Postdoctoral Scholars

I will also occasionally consider extremely qualified applicants for postdoctoral research positions. You should have experience in electromagnetic metamaterials, non-Foster circuits, or other fields directly related to current research topics. Please contact me if you would like to be considered for a position.