MIMO Ricean channels

Monotonicity results for coherent MIMO Ricean channels

Daniel Hoesli, Young-Han Kim, and Amos Lapidoth

The dependence of the Gaussian input information rate on the line-of-sight (LOS) matrix in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) coherent Rician fading channels is explored. It is proved that the outage probability and the mutual information induced by a multivariate circularly symmetric Gaussian input with any covariance matrix are monotonic in the LOS matrix D, or more precisely, monotonic in D^dagger D in the sense of the Loewner partial order. Conversely, it is also demonstrated that this ordering on the LOS matrices is a necessary condition for the uniform monotonicity over all input covariance matrices. This result is subsequently applied to prove the monotonicity of the isotropic Gaussian input information rate and channel capacity in the singular values of the LOS matrix. Extensions to multiple-access channels (MAC) are also provided.