ECE 157B: Homework

UCSD, Dinesh Bharadia, Spring Quarter 2020

Homework will be posted on Tuesdays and due in 2 weeks Saturday at 11:59 PM. All homework assignments are to be submitted via Gradescope. Enrolled students will receive an email with a link to sign up on Gradescope.


Discussion on homework problems is encouraged. However, you need to explicitly specify who you discussed with. Using external resource (published paper, Wikipedia) is fine but you need to cite them in your solutions.



Signal processing basics and MATLAB – Two signals superimposed, recovering their time-domain response, when someone is breathing and when someone is not breathing simulation data-set ease of use, windowing and use of them? (no Range FFT)


Create the model of FMCW, this would add the range FFT into the concept and build on top of it, this could be simulated for breathing rate (Range FFT into it, breathing only, for now, mostly simulated data).


Create the real-data and use it to construct breathing out of it.


Locate the user and get its breathing rate (use AoA equation on top of it to recover breathing).

Final Assignment

Get breathing and heart-rate of multiple users.

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