ECE 257B: Principles of Wireless Networks or Modern Wireless Communications

UCSD, Dinesh Bharadia, Winter Quarter 2022


  • (Jan 6, 2022) Welcome to ECE 257B, Winter Quarter 2022!

  • (Jan 6, 2022) This course is adapted from multiple courses on wireless communication (EE359 Wireless Communication from Stanford, 6.829 from MIT)

  • (Jan 6, 2022) Please sign up for the Piazza. Access Code: Shannon

  • (Jan 6, 2022) The course comprises of 3 assignments, a project and final exam.

  • (Jan 6, 2022) Lecture Slides are posted on Piazza under Resources Section.

  • (Jan 6, 2022) If you like to audit the class, please send an email to me. So, I can add you to the piazza and Canvas.