The San Diego Mechanism

Chemical-Kinetic Mechanisms for Combustion Applications


The detailed chemistry posted here is designed to focus on conditions relevant to flames, high temperature ignition and detonations. It was derived by beginning with simple chemical systems then proceeding gradually to more complex systems. In this approach, the numbers of species and reactions are kept to the minimum needed to describe the systems and phenomena addressed, thereby minimizing as much as possible the uncertainties in the rate parameters employed. The philosophy thus differs from that underlying a number of other data bases, many of which seek completeness, attempting to include all potentially relevant elementary steps. In following the plan based on the present philosophy, the experience has been that the rate parameters of a relatively small number of elementary steps are of crucial importance to the predictions and that cumulative effects of small contributions from a large number of steps are seldom of much significance. This is advantageous because the many uncertainties in rate parameters of many steps increase the uncertainties in predictions when large number of steps are included. As the database for the present mechanism evolves, it should be applicable to an increasing number of combustion and detonation processes.

Complete San Diego Mechanism

(Not including Nitrogen, JP10, Heptane, or DME)

Date FlameMaster Chemkin Thermo Data Transport Data Documentation (With References) Update Notes
2016-12-14 FLM_2016-12-14 CK_2016-12-14 THERM_2016-08-15 TRANS_2016-08-15 Mechanism_2016-12-14 Notes_2016-12-14
2016-08-15 FLM_2016-08-15 CK_2016-08-15 THERM_2016-08-15 TRANS_2016-08-15 Mechanism_2016-08-15 Notes_2016-08-15
2014-10-04 FLM_2014-10-04 CK_2014-10-04 THERM_2012-09-07 TRANS_2012-09-07 Mechanism_2014-10-04 Notes_2014-10-04
2014-07-31 FLM_2014-07-31 CK_2014-07-31 THERM_2012-09-07 TRANS_2012-09-07 Mechanism_2014-02-17 Notes_2014-07-31
2014-02-17 FLM_2014-02-17 CK_2014-02-17 THERM_2012-09-07 TRANS_2012-09-07 Mechanism_2014-02-17 Notes_2014-02-17
2012-09-07 FLM_2011-11-22 CK_2011-11-22 THERM_2012-09-07 TRANS_2012-09-07 Mechanism_2011-11-22 Notes_2012-09-07
2011-11-22 FLM_2011-11-22 CK_2011-11-22 THERM_2011-11-22 TRANS_2011-11-22 Mechanism_2011-11-22 Notes_2011-11-22
2009-11-01 FLM_2009-11-01 CK_2009-11-01 THERM 2005-03-10 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2009-11-01 Notes_2009-11-01
2005-12-01 FLM_2005-12-01 CK_2005-12-01 THERM_2005-03-10 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2005-12-01 Notes_2005-12-01
2005-10-11 FLM_2005-10-11 CK_2005-10-11 THERM_2005-03-10 TRANS_2002-10-01   Notes_2005-10-11
2005-06-15 FLM_2005-06-15 CK_2005-06-15 THERM_2005-03-10 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2005-06-15 Notes_2005-06-15
2005-03-10 FLM_2005-03-10 CK_2005-03-10 THERM_2005-03-10 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2005-03-10 Notes_2005-03-10
2003-08-30 FLM_2003-08-30 CK_2003-08-30 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2003-08-30 Notes_2003-08-30
2003-04-30 FLM_2003-04-30 CK_2003-04-30 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2003-04-30 Notes_2003-04-30
2002-10-01 FLM_2002-10-01 CK_2002-10-01 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2002-10-01 Notes_2002-10-01
2002-08-12 FLM_2002-08-12 CK_2002-08-12 THERM_2002-08-12 TRANS_2002-08-12   Notes_2002-08-12
2002-06-03 FLM_2002-06-03 CK_2002-06-03 THERM_2002-05-20 TRANS_2002-05-20   Notes_2002-06-03
2001-11-05 FLM_2001-11-05 CK_2001-11-05 THERM_2001-11-05 TRANS_2001-11-05 Mechanism_2001-11-05 Notes_2001-11-05


Nitrogen Chemistry

Date FlameMaster Chemkin Thermo Data Transport Data Documentation (With References) Update Notes
2018-07-23 FLM_2018-07-23 CK_2018-07-23 THERM_2016-08-15 TRANS_2016-08-15 Mechanism_2018-07-23 Notes_2018-07-23
2004-12-09 (2) FLM_2004-12-09 CK_2004-12-09 THERM_2005-03-10 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2004-12-09 Notes_2004-12-09
2004-12-09 (1) FLM_2004-12-09 CK_2004-12-09 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2004-12-09 Notes_2004-12-09
2003-08-12 FLM_2003-08-12 CK_2003-08-12 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2003-08-12 Notes_2003-08-12


JP10 Chemistry

Date FlameMaster Chemkin Thermo Data Transport Data Documentation (With References) Update Notes
2002-10-01 FM_2002-10-01 CK_2002-10-01 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2002-10-01 Notes_2002-10-01

Heptane Chemistry

Date FlameMaster Chemkin Thermo Data Transport Data Documentation (With References) Update Notes
2015-03-01 FM_2015-03-01 CK_2015-03-01 THERM_2015-03-01 TRANS_2015-03-01 Mechanism_2015-03-01 Notes_2015-03-01
2002-10-01 FM_2002-10-01 CK_2002-10-01 THERM_2002-10-01 TRANS_2002-10-01 Mechanism_2002-10-01 Notes_2002-10-01

DME Chemistry

Date FlameMaster Chemkin Thermo Data Transport Data Documentation (With References) Update Notes
2015-07-31 FM_2015-07-31 CK_2015-07-31 THERM_2015-07-31 TRANS_2015-07-31 Mechanism_2015-07-31 Notes_2015-07-31


Mechanisms are listed in order of their release, with the most recent version highlighted in yellow. Thermo data, Transport Data, etc. from previous releases are used in future releases, with release dates indicated in the filename. Missing cells indicate that a new file was not provided during that update.

Please note the sub-mechanisms for Nitrogen, JP-10, Heptane or DME chemistry are to be added to the main (complete) mechanism file as needed. Thermo Data and Transport Data in the main (complete) mechanism is intended to already contain the species from those sub-mechanisms. You only need to add the respective reactions from the sub-mechanisms as needed.

The UCSD mechanism may be referenced as "Chemical-Kinetic Mechanisms for Combustion Applications", San Diego Mechanism web page, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Combustion Research), University of California at San Diego (


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